At Your Therapy we have created tailored solutions to meet the needs of our participants, their families, support coordinators and NDIA Planners alike.  

Functional Capacity Assessments

We understand the importance of Functional Capacity Assessments(FCA's) and their essential role in setting up our participants plans.


FCA reports are not like standard medical reporting, and Your Therapy reports are not like standard FCA's. Our reports are designed with our participants in mind. They contain the information that our participants need, presented in an engageable format that allows participants to easily see their main issues, their goals and the plan of how they can achieve them.  

However, FCA reports must also fulfill NDIA criteria in order to be approved. NDIA Planners look for specific information displayed in specific formats. Your Therapy FCA's have been developed in consultation with the NDIA and LAC's directly. Our reports direct planners exactly to the information they need, displayed in the format they require. We directly demonstrate how our recommendations are reasonable, necessary and evidence based. We save planners time, no guesswork nor assumptions required. We maximize the likelihood of full approval so we can get our participants exactly what they need. 


Ongoing Therapy

Our therapists live locally in your participants area and know their community. Your participant is paired with one of our therapists and only one. This consistency is how we build the Therapy Relationships that underpin participants long term achievement

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