The NDIS is for everyone with a disability, however in reality it doesn't always work that way.

At Your Therapy we want to change that. 

The NDIS is evolving and it is becoming harder for participants to gain access and get the plans they really need. Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA's) are pivotal in the decision to approve an applicant's access to the NDIS for the first time. 

In reality, applicants who require FCA's must fund this expense privately as no rebate or funding prior to approval is granted by the NDIS. Traditional Billing for FCA's can cost $500-$3000 in some cases depending on the complexity of the assessment. This is a significant expense and as a result many participants are simply unable to afford the costs of the assessments they so desperately need. This is huge barrier to entry for many people who are in need of support from the NDIS. 

The Access Initiative aims to change that.

Your Therapy is excited to launch this new initiative, offering full Functional Capacity Assessments for Free. We run assessment days monthly, where we are able to provide FCA's to a limited number of NDIS applicants free of charge. We want to facilitate access to the NDIS for the first time for everyone, regardless of financial resources. 

To register for the Access Initiative complete the application below and we will notify you when our next assessment day is scheduled. 

The capacity of the Access Initiative is dependent on staffing availability and operates on a first come first serve basis. The Access Initiative is only available to applicants applying for the NDIS for the first time. 

Contact us to find our more or apply below

Assessing Your Eligibility

If you answer ‘No’ to one or more of the above questions, unfortunately you are not eligible for the NDIS at present and cannot complete this form. We suggest you contact the NDIS directly to discuss your situation.